Malkin Cleaners Present 5 Questions to Ask a Vancouver Fire Damage Restoration Services Provider

In recovering from a fire incident in the home, property owners must work with restoration professionals to ensure the property is safe and in peak aesthetic condition. But before selecting a provider for this important project, it’s important to go through a careful selection process. In this latest article, the experts at Malkin Cleaners in Vancouver present five questions to ask a fire damage restoration services provider.

What is your Experience in the Field?

It’s critical that the Vancouver fire damage restoration services provider selected has comprehensive experience within the local marketplace. They should be able to provide information on their experience as a company and the experience of their technicians. This experience should also cover a number of restoration elements including fire damage analysis and creating fire mitigation strategies.

  1. What is the Timeline?
    When beginning a restoration project, it’s critical to learn more about the timeline of the process. How long will it take the company’s team to inspect the damage and then begin their work? And what is the timeframe for the overall restoration project? By learning more on the project timeline, property owners can then make plans should alternative accommodations be required during the work.
  2. What is the Total Cost?
    When first selecting a company, homeowners should ensure they receive the total cost for the restoration up-front. The insurance company will need to be advised and your service provider will cooperate with them. This will likely be a basic quote, but it should provide the requisite information to the homeowner for them to make a decision based on the price of the service especially if the was no insurance. When discussing costs with the company, homeowners should look for areas in which the price can be reduced. They should also determine whether the final cost includes a full warranty for the restoration work. All trusted companies provide comprehensive service warranties for their restoration expertise.
  3. What Safety Precautions Do You Take?
    The company chosen should have strict safety precautions in place during the fire damage restoration processes. They should be committed to keeping the home in optimal condition ready for the restoration work to be completed. They should also be able to explain their safety processes in great detail to help keep the homeowner informed on the strategies they utilize.
  4. Who Will I Communicate with During the Project?
    It’s important the company has a point person with whom the homeowner will communicate during the restoration work. The homeowner should know this person and feel comfortable to ask them questions as the process is being completed. This will then ensure strong communication throughout the project and help minimize mistakes and confusion.

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