Malkin Cleaners Presents the Top 6 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selecting a Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company

Top 6 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selecting a Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company

Water damage restoration work is exceptionally challenging. The water must be removed from the home safely and effectively to prevent mold and other issues within the family property. But oftentimes homeowners don’t have great experience in this area, and this can lead to them making poor decisions in their choice of local Vancouver water damage restoration company. In this article, the team at Malkin Cleaners explains 6 mistakes homeowners make when selecting their water damage specialist.

Top 6 Homeowners Mistakes

They Choose Solely Based on a Friend’s Recommendation

While it’s important to listen to friends and neighbours when making the decision, homeowners should also complete research online and read reviews of the company’s work

They Don’t Speak with Several Companies First

While homeowners may find the ideal company immediately, it’s important to compare the services of two companies to see the average pricing within the industry. This can ensure they find the ideal company at the right price for their budget.

They Don’t get a Quote Before the Work Begins

It’s imperative that homeowners get a quote from their Vancouver restoration company before the cleanup project starts. This can help ensure all budgetary parameters are met with precision.

They Don’t Consider Warranties

All water damage cleanup work should be warrantied. The company completing the work should be able to provide homeowners with a comprehensive warranty that covers any repair work in the event another leak occurs in the home. Without a warranty, homeowners may find themselves out of pocket when undergoing further cleaning work.

They Don’t Complete a Walk Through of the Property

Homeowners that don’t complete a walk-through of their property after the water damage clean-up work will likely discover further problems in the weeks and months after the project has been completed. Homeowners must ensure that the company completes their work to the highest standards, and any repair issues that have not been resolved should be highlighted immediately to the Vancouver water damage restoration company.

They Don’t Review the Home After the Work Has been Completed

While most professional restoration companies are able to complete their work to the highest of standards, some may leave homes with significant water damage issues still to be repaired. Homeowners must continue to review their property and analyze the home for signs of leaks, such as rising water bills and water stains on ceilings and floors. This type of vigilance can help ensure that homes are safe from significant water damage over the long-term!

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