Malkin Cleaners Securing Vancouver Homes with Expert Wet Basement Repair Services

Vancouver, BC-based leaders for comprehensive water damage repair services, Malkin Cleaners are now offering wet basement repair expertise throughout Vancouver. Malkin Cleaners can now be called on an emergency basis to respond to leak issues, and to help homeowners ensure the safety of their home during a basement flooding event.

Basement flooding poses a serious, potentially deadly risk inside the Vancouver home. Many Vancouver homeowners wake up to find that water from their pipes has leaked into their basement space, potentially impacting electrical systems as well as the structure of drywall areas and the home foundation. To ensure their home remains safe for their families, Vancouver homeowners must contact wet basement repair specialists during this form of flooding event. The specialists at Malkin Cleaners are leaders in this area.

Malkin Cleaners harnesses the latest tools to achieve seamless wet basement repair work. With their decades of market experience, they use ultra-sonic leak detection equipment to locate and resolve leaks within home walls and floors. And they harness the latest drying technology to ensure home furniture and other equipment is dried completely before its re-placed back into the home basement environment. It’s a comprehensive basement repair service designed to help mitigate many of the safety issues flooding can cause in the home.

To discuss repair services with a trusted water damage expert, speak with the team at Malkin Cleaners today at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at