Malkin Restoration Now Offers Specialized Leak Repair in Addition to Their Roof and Basement Water Damage Restoration in Vancouver

March 1, 2018 – Vancouver, BC – For decades, residents of Vancouver have known that when they need a superior water damage restoration company or fire cleanup services, they contact Malkin Restoration.  Now, Malkin is proud to announce the expansion of their services to include full leak location and repair as well.

A burst dishwasher hose and the damage it causes is usually easy to find and take care of.  The subtle pipe leaks, however, are a different matter.  A leaking pipe inside a wall, or in flooring, can potentially go undetected for weeks or months – and that can mean big cleanup problems!   The saturated areas will have become magnets for mold, mildew, and other contaminants which can be extremely hazardous to anyone living in a house.

If a homeowner sees evidence of hidden leaks, such as unexplained wet spots on the ceiling, floor, or walls, it is vital to take care of the issue as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Malkin Restoration is only a phone call away and have all the expertise needed to take care of the entire problem.

They will find and repair the source of the leak, and then set to work on water damage restoration.  Their Vancouver experts will survey the extent of the damage, remove all remaining water, and then inform homeowners of what further action will be necessary to fully restore their home.

Anyone experiencing water damage in their home should not wait – they should call Malkin Restoration.

About Malkin Restoration

Malkin Restoration has been in business for nearly a century – since 1923 – and has remained dedicated to providing the very best in fire and water damage restoration in Vancouver.  Throughout the decades, client satisfaction has never wavered in its desire to uphold a reputation for quality customer service and, as a result, generations of Vancouverites have come to rely on Malkin’s for both large and small cleanup jobs.

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