Our North Vancouver Emergency Flood Restoration Services Team Reveals Why You Should Repair Water Damage Straight Away

Working with the leading emergency flood restoration services teams in the North Vancouver marketplace can ensure flood waters are removed from the home safely. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and in this new post, we’ll explain why you should remove water from the home within the earliest possible timeframe.

  • Eliminate health concerns

One of the leading issues associated with standing water in the home is the growth of bacteria within the water that can lead to diseases and other health issues. Water damage may also lead to unpleasant odors pervading the home space and causing long-standing health problems for those living in the property. Ask your local North Vancouver emergency flood restoration services team to determine the source of the water and to remove the moisture from the home to protect your health for the years ahead.

  • Limit structural damage

A common cause for concern after a flood takes place in the home is the potential for structural damage throughout the property. The flood waters can weaken retaining walls and other underlying structures within the home, which make the home more likely to collapse. It’s important that your home structure is protected by having a specialist review the property and analyze the points in the home where structural damage might occur.

  • Remove mold

Mold is another of the foremost concerns when a flood event occurs. If water sits in the home over a period of a few days, it can form mold growth, which can be toxic to those living in the property. Residents with asthma and other breathing health issues are susceptible to health issues caused by mold. Your local emergency flood restoration services team in North Vancouver can detect black mold and ensure the problem is resolved over the long-term.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners can respond adeptly to all flood restoration needs. To learn more, call us today!