Our Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services Team in Vancouver Explains How to Safeguard Employees from Workplace Fires

Fire damage prevention is of the utmost importance in the workplace. Teams must be protected against the potential for injury as a result of fires. Our fire and water damage restoration services team in Vancouver has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and we’re now highlighting how to respond to workplace fires and the subsequent water damage that often occurs.

Emergency exit knowledge

Make sure that all team members know where to find the emergency exit. This will ensure they can quickly exit the building when required during a fire.

Check electrical outlets

Electrical outlets should be checked regularly to ensure they are performing effectively. This means that teams should be reviewing the outlets and noting any damage to the area. Then electrical experts should repair any damage immediately.

Keep equipment from combustible objects

Any equipment that produces heat, such as computers and other machines should be kept away from combustible objects. Make sure that the layout of the facility is designed to mitigate the threat of fire damage. In completing restoration work, our fire and water damage services team in Vancouver can help ensure equipment is situated safely in your building.

Check alarms

Make sure your fire and smoke alarms are performing effectively. This will ensure that the system works as required during a fire event. Replace the batteries regularly to ensure that the alarm sounds when fire or smoke is detected.

Have extinguishers inspected

Ensure that all of your building’s fire extinguishers are inspected and designed for optimal performance. This will help to prevent any problems using the equipment to douse the flames during a fire event.

Enforce strict smoking areas

You should also ensure that smoking areas close to the work property are strictly enforced. This can help you to avoid problems associated with still-lit cigarettes causing fires near to the building.

Have a qualified restoration company on-hand

Develop a relationship with your local qualified emergency fire and water damage restorations services company so they can help protect your Vancouver building with precautions. In case of emergency, you know who to call and they know you. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has long-term experience in this area of the marketplace. To discover more about our company and our work in the industry, contact us today.