Our Surrey Repair Team Explains the Different Types of Water Damage

water damage

By learning more about water damage and its impact on your home, you can begin to protect your property and know what to look out for. Our team at Malkin Cleaners offers water damage repair services throughout Surrey.

Let’s review the various types of water damage water and what to watch for in safeguarding your home.

Clean water

In some cases, the water that has entered your home is considered clean water. This means it is water that is free of pathogens and free of sediment. Clean water will not damage human health and can be removed safely from the home without special equipment. If the water damage is not extensive, you can clean up the water without assistance from a professional. But you must book a consultation with a water damage repair company in Surrey to determine if any possible structural damage occurred.

Gray water

Gray water is water that has encountered other particulates, chemicals, and soaps. Gray water may be considered dangerous to human health. It is difficult to identify the contaminants in gray water, as the path the water took to enter the home has an impact on the level of contamination. For example, water that has mixed with dishwashing fluid in the kitchen might not be considered dangerous. But water that has been in contact with harsh cleaning agents under the sink or throughout the home can be highly toxic. Always call your local repair company in Surrey to complete the clean up of gray water in your home.

Black water

Considered the most dangerous of the types of water within a water intrusion event, black water consists of water that has come into contact with raw sewage. Most forms of raw sewage can carry disease and bacteria, which can have a negative impact on human health. It’s the reason that any form of bathroom water damage event must be resolved with a cleaning team wearing full HAZMAT suits. Homeowners are advised not to enter the property until the full extent of the black water damage event has been determined and all cleaning work has been completed.

The trusted water damage repair team here in Surrey at Malkin Cleaners can help you to protect your home. Call today to book a consultation.