Our Surrey Water Damage Restoration Company Explains How to Prevent Storm Damage

Storm damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs to your home if you’re not prepared. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has spent decades guiding clients on the value of a commitment to storm damage prevention. In this latest post, our Surrey water damage restoration company team explains how to handle storm damage in your home.

Review the foundation

The foundation of your home is the area of the property that must be protected if you are to achieve a safe structure. Any water damage can prevent foundation safety and reduce the value of your home over the long-term. Make sure you check the foundation for leaks on a regular basis to minimize the impact of storms.

Have the roof inspected

Professionals should inspect the roof of your home to ensure that the area doesn’t leak over the coming years. Any lifted shingles or broken shingles can allow moisture into the home during a storm. And this could mean a disaster is only minutes away. Make sure you have the roof inspected carefully to ensure home safety.

Consider the slope outside the home

The slope of the ground outside your home can make a large difference to the amount of water that rests close to your home when a storm takes place. Work with a local landscaping firm and get guidance from a Surrey water damage restoration company to review the slope of the ground outside the home and consider other drainage options if you live in low-lying areas.

Learn the location of the main shut off

The water shut off to your home should be marked so that it can be easily accessed during a storm. Shutting off the water to the home can ensure that no interior areas are damaged when a pipe bursts during the weather event.

Our trusted team at Malkin Cleaners can help guide your home against storm damage for the long-term. To learn more about your protection options, call our Surrey water damage restoration company directly today.