Our Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company Explains Saltwater Damage

The studies show that saltwater carries more danger than other forms of water during flooding. Many homeowners are not yet aware of the threat that saltwater can bring when it’s swept up in flooding. So, within this latest post, our Vancouver water damage restoration company team highlights the damage caused by saltwater.

Carries its own charge

While freshwater is known to conduct electricity and be dangerous on its own, the salt within saltwater can carry its own charge. This can cause shorting of electrical units and even lead to a potential electrical hazard in homes and buildings across the region.

Can penetrate almost any material

The chemical properties of saltwater cause it to react with materials such as zinc, iron, and steel. This means buildings made from steel are likely to suffer significant corrosion during a saltwater intrusion event. The saltwater’s reactivity allows it to penetrate building materials and bind to the material on a molecular level, increasing the potential for structural damage.

Saltwater retention enhances the risk of mold

While most water intrusion events can cause mold problems, saltwater intrusion has a significantly higher risk of mold problems. That’s because the salt retains water at a high rate, and so any salt left on material surfaces can allow moisture to stay in the area and support mold growth.

Call the professionals directly after saltwater damage

When you experience saltwater intrusion in your building, calling a local Vancouver water damage restoration company immediately after the event is the best way to begin resolving long-term problems. The company can visit the building and assess the potential damage. They can then develop a plan for removing the water while ensuring that the saltwater is completely eliminated from the area. It’s the reason so many call our experienced team at Malkin Cleaners. We have decades of experience managing saltwater removal and cleanup work in the below sea level areas of the lower mainland.

To learn more about our company and our full range of water damage restoration services, call our company offices in Vancouver today.