Our Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company Provides Appliance Damage Prevention Tips

Your water heaters, dishwashers, fridge-freezers and other appliances are a leading cause of water damage around the home. Leaks from these appliances may cause significant damage. But if you are proactive you can save money and time over the long-term. Our team has experience as a local water damage restoration company, and in this latest post, our Vancouver team present several tips to mitigate appliance water damage.

  • Replaces hoses regularly

The hoses that attach your dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances to the water mains must be inspected regularly to ensure they are leak-free. They can be replaced with high pressure, metal mesh hoses, which provide a higher level of durability and are longer lasting than traditionally-used plastic hoses.

  • Have your water heater inspected

The water heater within your home should be inspected to ensure it offers optimal performance. Rusting and cracking of the heater can cause water to leak from the system. Ensure professionals inspect the heater annually to determine its condition. And if your heater is over a decade old, it should be replaced by a newer, high-efficiency system.

  • Note discolorations near bathtubs and sinks

The tile near the bathtub and the sink can become discoloured over time due to contact with water. A significant amount of discolouration within a short amount of time indicates a large-scale water leak event has taken place recently. Make sure that you respond quickly and effectively to this problem by having a local Vancouver water damage restoration company inspect the issue.

  • For safety, don’t touch mains-connected appliances during a leak problem

If you notice that your home appliances are leaking while they remain connected to the home mains, avoid touching the outlet or trying to remove the plug. This can lead to the risk of electrical shock. Allow a local water damage restoration company in Vancouver to handle the problem for you. They have the safety equipment to mitigate risks.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners is committed to helping you resolve water damage issues around your home. To learn more, call us today.