Our Water Damage Restoration Company Experts Explains How to Keep Water Out of Your Vancouver Basement

Water leaking into your basement is causing long-term damage to your home. But how can you protect the basement space and prevent the damage from taking place? Our Vancouver basement water damage restoration team at Malkin Cleaners has great experience in this area of the industry and in this latest post, we’re highlighting our tips for keeping water out of your basement.

Add gutter extensions

One of the foremost reasons for basement water damage is due to the downspouts placing water less than five feet from your foundation. This water then leaks into the basement and damages the area. By simply extending the gutter around your home, you can protect the space for the years to come.

Fix leaking pipes

Leaking pipes can allow water to drip into the basement space over time. It’s so important to plug any pipe gaps that occur the moment they’re discovered.

Install a curtain drain

Another leading option for reducing the impact of water in your basement space is to install curtain drains. Curtain drains intercept the water traveling toward your home from an uphill area and divert it safely away from the property. A water damage specialist can install the curtain drain for you.

Waterproof the walls

One of the leading options recommended by a local Vancouver basement water damage restoration company is to waterproof the walls. Waterproofing the walls of the basement space protects them against structural damage due to moisture. You can install an exterior drainage system that helps protect the walls for the long-term. But it’s important to speak directly with your local Vancouver basement water damage restoration company before taking on this challenging project.

Our experienced team at Malkin Cleaners has helped hundreds of homeowners safeguard their homes against potential water damage. To discover more about our company and the services we can provide, please call us today!