The Process of Water Damage Restoration for Vancouver Buildings

When a water damage event occurs in your home, you require access to local Vancouver professionals to help resolve the issue. But before you hire the ideal company, it’s important to learn more on the restoration process. Let’s look at the water damage restoration process in greater detail, as our Vancouver team explains their work.

Assessing the Damage

The first step in the process is to assess the damage. The water damage repair experts will review the property and take a look at the water staining and pooling that has taken place. They will also look at whether electrical work has been damaged by the water.

Water Removal

Upon arrival, the first task the team will take on is the water removal process. They’ll use pumps and other tools to eliminate the water from the home and work to mitigate the water setting into the foundation and other structural areas.


After the water has been removed from the property, the water damage restoration team will then take on the dehumidification process. This process will help to prevent moisture in the air from settling into furniture and other elements around the home. The dehumidification process could take several hours and when completed will ensure that the floor and walls are completely dry and free of moisture.


Once the dehumidification is completed, it’s time for the team to take on the cleaning work. They’ll use their understanding of home maintenance to clean furniture, floors and other elements in the home to eliminate mold and ensure the property is ready for the family’s return.


Now that the cleanup has finished, it’s time to repair and renovate the home after the water damage event. The team will work to ensure that walls are repaired to mitigate the possibility of black mold growing. They’ll repair cracks in the foundation that can result from water intrusion. It’s a full maintenance process that helps safeguard the property in the long-term.

The team at Malkin Cleaners is here to guide you on water damage restoration work for your Vancouver home. To learn more, call their experts now.