Three Questions to Ask Your Vancouver Dry Cleaning Company

Whether you need that business suit cleaned quickly for an important client meeting, or your table cloth requires a comprehensive cleaning for an upcoming family get-together, it’s important to select the right specialist for the job. Those who don’t complete their research may find that they’re left with stained items, having spent their money on unprofessional work. Here, we’ll outline three questions that Vancouver, Burnaby and lower mainland residents should ask dry cleaning specialists before using the company’s services.

3 questions to ask before using a company’s services

1. How Quickly Can You Complete the Work?

Time is becoming an ever-more valued element in the dry cleaning process. It’s important that items are cleaned professionally but in many instances time is also a highly important factor. That’s why many local Vancouver dry cleaning companies are now offering clients a same-day turnaround service. This type of service can only be completed by those with experience in the field and relies upon the use of cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional results in a quick timeframe.

2. Do You Have Special Offers on Bulk Dry Cleaning Work?

Some companies are able to provide special offers to clientele when they bring in several items to be cleaned. Paying separately for each item can become expensive over time and so a considerable amount of money can be saved by working with a company that offers bulk discounts. Companies might not offer a bulk discount specifically, but they might be inclined to provide various discounts to clients who are committed to using their services over the long-term.

3. What Chemicals Does the Company Use in Its Cleaning Processes?

It’s important to know exactly what chemicals a company is using within their dry cleaning work. Many of the leading companies are now developing services that don’t use harsh chemicals to clean clothes. Local area residents can locate companies that are committed to client and environmental safety by asking this question before choosing a service.
Selecting professional dry cleaners requires research. Many pieces of expensive clothing and home fabrics have been ruined by those without the required experience. Use the questions highlighted in this article to find the trusted experts for your future dry cleaning needs. To learn about the Malkin Cleaners dry cleaning service, please contact our offices directly today via 604-970-9052.