Three Questions to Ask Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Companies Before Choosing a Specialist

When encountering a water intrusion event in their commercial property, business owners face a number of challenges. How will they open for business in the coming hours? How will they utilize their staff? But first and foremost they must answer the question of which company to work with in responding to the water intrusion event. It’s important to complete the company selection process correctly to streamline the restoration work and ensure the business is ready to move forward in serving customers. In this article, we’ll outline three questions to ask Vancouver water damage restoration companies.

3 Questions to Ask Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Companies

How Much Experience do You Have in the Commercial Sector?

Many Vancouver water damage restoration companies have great experience serving residential clients and working with homeowners to reduce the damage caused by moisture. But few have spent many years working with business owners. A residential specialist is unlikely to have the means to complete fast and effective restoration work within a business property. And so it’s important for business owners to consider the company’s commercial experience rather than their overall years in the marketplace. This could ensure that the work is completed within an industry-leading turnaround time.

Can You Provide a Quote for the Service?

It’s imperative that business owners receive a quote for their water damage restoration work before the company brings in their equipment and schedules their service personnel. Business owners must constantly consider the bottom line and by analyzing the various quotes from the service specialists, they can ensure they find a company that offers the requisite balance between cost of service and experience. In getting a quote from the specialist, the business owners should always ensure the quote is given in writing and signed by a company representative.

How Quickly Can You Begin the Work?

The busiest water damage restoration companies might be unable to complete their work within the week due to their difficult schedule. For business owners, this timeline is unacceptable as it means the company may have to shut down their offices or retail premises until the work can be completed. It’s important to find a company that is able to send a team out to the business on a priority basis. Oftentimes, the leading companies are able to offer emergency water damage restoration services that ensure work is completed within 48-72 hours of the client’s first call. Choosing an emergency specialist could help save time and prevent wasted business investment.

Selecting water damage restoration companies is a difficult process for Vancouver business owners. But by answering the questions highlighted in this article, they can navigate their way through the process and ensure their property is safe, secure and ready for business once again. To learn more, speak with the team at Malkin Cleaners at (604) 970-9052or visit their business website at