Three Reasons to Choose a Professional for Comprehensive Rug Cleaning

Whether it’s an area rug that brings together the living room décor or a stair rug that welcomes guests to the second floor of a property, ensuring that rugs are in optimal condition before an up-coming home social occasion is critical. But with little time before the event begins to send the work to professionals to be completed, homeowners might consider washing their rugs by themselves. The team at Malkin Cleaners offers three reasons for homeowners across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to choose professionals for comprehensive rug cleaning.

Top 3 reasons for comprehensive rug cleaning.

1. Professionals Understand Material Composition

One of the leading challenges for homeowners trying to clean their own rugs is that the material can be exceptionally complex and fragile. Even the smallest amount of the wrong ingredients in a cleaning solution can cause lasting damage to material. In order to avoid problems related to discolouration and other types of material damage, homeowners are advised to select the services of a professional cleaner. Before beginning the rug cleaning process, a professional will review the material closely to analyze how best to treat the rug. They will notify their team of potential cleaning issues and highlight chemicals to avoid during the process. In this way, the leading cleaning companies are able to achieve the highest quality results within their rug cleaning work.

2. Professional Companies can Complete Work Quickly

There is not always time to complete a long and drawn-out cleaning process when there’s a social gathering taking place in the coming days. Homeowners often find that, even after they have spent hours treating their rug materials using the highest quality cleaning products on the retail marketplace, that the rugs are still not completely spotless. It takes years of experience to quickly and effectively remove tough stains from rugs and other household materials. The best companies in the industry can often offer same-day turnaround for these types of tough cleaning jobs. Therefore choosing a professional rug cleaner can help the homeowner save hours of their time and eliminate many cleaning-related headaches before their event.

3. Professional Services can Help Save Money

When homeowners commit to the rug cleaning process alone, they usually purchase a product that is unsuitable for comprehensive cleaning. This means that they must return to the store again to purchase another cleaning product to complete their rug cleaning work. The amount of money used by purchasing several products, when added to the time spent shopping for cleaning solutions, is often far more expensive than simply working with a professional rug cleaning company. The leading companies have the on-staff expertise to make the right choice in terms of the cleaning agent used. They also have the facilities and machines to ensure comprehensive cleaning success first-time around.

Homeowners should save time and money before that next big home event by working with a professional rug cleaning specialist. To learn more on the advantages of working with a leading rug cleaning company instead of committing to a DIY cleaning project, contact the team at Malkin Cleaners directly via 604-970-9052604-970-9052 or visit the company website at