Our Restoration Company Experts Present a Guide to Water Damage Prevention in Your Surrey Home

Water damage can occur within your home throughout the year. It could be the result of a rain event or simply due to plumbing system issues. Knowing how to prevent water damage can help to save you thousands of dollars and many hours of frustration. Our Surrey team has decades of experience as a leading local water damage restoration company, and within our latest post, we’re highlighting how to prevent water damage to your property.

Consider What You’re Putting Down the Drains

One of the more common reasons for water damage in the home is damage to a home’s drainage system. Many homeowners make the mistake of flushing grease and corrosive fluids down from their sink into their drains. And this can cause the components of the drain to corrode, eventually leaking water into the home and the areas around the property. Remember that any harsh cleaning chemicals you use to fix drain issue might also impact your drains. Try to resolve drain issues using a drain snake, or otherwise call a professional to respond to the problem.

Replace the Lines Going to Washing Machines and Refrigerators

Another common form of water damage in the Surrey home is water leaking from refrigerators, dish washers and washing machines. Over time, the lines linking these systems to the local water supply become damaged. This means that water begins seeping out of the lines and onto your basement or kitchen flood. If you begin to notice water damage around these important home water lines, it might already be too late to respond to the problem. And so it’s important that you take the time now to inspect these areas and contact local professionals to conduct further analysis. Wire lace hoses should be utilized wherever possible.

Complete the Winterization Process

Remember that freezing weather can also lead to water damage within your home when the ice thaws. Our Surrey company has completed many water damage restoration projects for homeowners in the spring that have occurred due to a lack of winterization. Make sure you drain and insulate outdoor pipes and check your lines ready for spring to avoid leaks in your concrete foundation.

Our Surrey company team is here to guide you in managing water damage restoration projects with the professional care. To speak with an expert, call us today.