Our Richmond Water Damage and Black Mold Removal Company Team Explains How to Remove Black Mold for the Long-Term

Black mold causes persistent health issues that can have a significant impact on your family and your home. The issue often begins from a water ingress issue. It’s important for you to take a proactive stance on mold within the home and the source of the water damage, and so within this latest post, our Richmond black mold removal company explains how to remove black mold for the long-term.

Calling a Specialist to Identify the Problem

One of the first mistakes many homeowners make is they do not correctly identify the mold issue. This can mean that mold growth goes unimpeded over many years. Ensure you speak with a specialist at the first sign of a problem. They can pinpoint the clear telltale signs of a mold problem and respond adeptly. Drywall stains on the walls or ceiling water damage are common visual signs of mold. A water damage restoration company will ensure that the area is ventilated immediately to begin the process of removing the mold spores from the property.

Beginning the Removal

Once the mold problem has been identified, the company will then bring their team to your home to begin taking steps to remove the mold. The company will start their black mold removal work by taking the affected area apart, removing furniture and drywall, and any element that has been impacted by the mold. The source of the water damage must be identified as well before proceeding with remediation. They use the highest quality safety equipment to make sure that none of the mold is transferred in the home during the removal process. They also use masks and gloves in order to protect their skin against potential exposure to toxic mold.

Final Inspection

As part of the final process for completing the mold removal from the home, the team will inspect the property closely and may take samples to test for toxic elements in the air. They will complete visual and an ultrasonic inspection to review the area behind walls for further mold and water damage in the home. Only when it has been completed and the mold is fully removed do their finish their work

Malkin Cleaners Can Help

By choosing a qualified water damage restoration and black mold removal company like Malkin Cleaners for work around your Richmond home, you can protect your family for the years ahead. To book a consultation, please contact us today.