How to Save Money during Visits to the Dry Cleaners

While having clothes dry-cleaned is the ideal way to remove those stubborn stains, regular trips to the dry cleaners might become expensive over time. For those who are committed to utilizing professional dry cleaning services for cleaning their suits, dresses and household items, it’s important to consider the ways in which to achieve optimal cleaning value.

Several ways to save money on dry cleaning.

1-Use the Full Suite of Dry Cleaning Services

One great way to improve the overall value of dry cleaning services is to take advantage of the various free service additions Vancouver dry cleaners provide. For example, some companies offer the replacement of buttons and sewing-up of torn material as part of their dry cleaning work. These service additions will ensure there’s no need to go to another company and pay them for the work. When speaking with dry cleaners, it’s important to ask them whether they offer any value-added services as part of their regular prices.

2-Conduct Research and Remain Loyal to a Chosen Company

It’s imperative to research dry cleaners before making a selection on a company. One of the challenges many customers in Vancouver and across the lower mainland encounter is that they find they’re not satisfied with the level of cleaning completed by a particular company, and then they have to go to another company to have the same item cleaned again. By switching dry cleaners regularly in this way, the costs for the overall service begin to add-up over time. That’s why it’s important to research companies closely and then stick with that same company to gain a reputation as a loyal customer. Over time, the company may even reward customers for their loyalty by offering special discounts. It’s the ideal way to save money and remove the hassle from the dry cleaning process.

3-Consider the Hidden Costs of the Dry Cleaning Service

To save money during each trip, it’s important to consider hidden costs of that regular trip to the dry cleaners. Costs such as gas for the vehicle should be considered, as well as the amount of time away from work that must be taken in order to drive to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaning companies sometimes also have additional costs as part of their service. And so service users must analyze their total bill and find ways in which to reduce their expenditure in future trips.

By utilizing these tips to save money on dry cleaning services, you can quickly make great savings that add-up over the long-term. To learn more money-saving tips from the experts, contact the team at Malkin Cleaners directly today at 604-970-9052. Trusted specialists are standing-by to offer their guidance.