The Signs It’s Time to Call a Black Mold Removal Company in Surrey

Booking mold removal company services is one of the safest ways to ensure black mold is effectively removed from your home. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has decades of experience as a trusted black mold removal company serving Surrey and the lower mainland, and in this latest post, we’re explaining the signs that it’s now time to call a specialist to take a look at the home’s mold problem.

Water Staining on Walls

One of the first signs of a mold problem is water damage staining. Any sort of pooling moisture within the home will allow mold to thrive. Oftentimes, mold can be hidden within the structure of the wall, and by the time a water stain appears within the home, the problem has become significant and a specialist must be called urgently.

Strange Odors

Within the home you might begin to notice strange odors. At first there could simply be a feint smell of must emanating from the interior of the walls. But over time the musty smell may grow to impact the entire property. It’s important you investigate a musty odour within the home and make sure that a suspected black mold issue is investigated by a local removal company.

Flu-Like Medical Symptoms

If you or members of your family are continually suffering from flu-like symptoms, such as face rashes, runny noses, coughs and other chest complaints, it could mean you have a long-standing mold problem. Mold and its by-products are known to be chemical irritants to human health. And so, if your family is suffering from unexplained health problems while staying in the same home, it’s important you call a mold removal specialist at the earliest convenience to investigate the problem.

Why Call a Specialist?

A DIY approach to mold removal is not advised given the mold can reside in hidden areas and is a serious health risk. Mold removal should be completed by those with specialist equipment who can manage the spores and prevent their release into the wider home environment. A specialist black mold removal company can complete their work quickly with a city of Surrey team on call, and ensure your family is protected over the long-term.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners is here to guide you in resolving your black mold and water damage issue in the home. To learn more, or book a consultation, call us today!