Our Surrey Black Mold Removal Company Experts Present a Guide to Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

In ensuring a healthy home environment for your family it’s important that you prevent black mold growth within your home. Our black mold removal company team are experts in safely dealing with Surrey mold removal projects and we have a clear handle on the sources of mold growth. In this latest post, we’ll showcase our guide to preventing mold growth in the home.

Monitor humidity

One of the key sources of mold growth in the home is humidity. Make sure that you monitor humidity levels and use products such as dehumidifiers to limit the chances of high humidity in basement spaces. This can help to limit the amount of moisture within the home environment.

Don’t grow plants in basement

Plants are generally supposed to grow in areas where they have direct sunlight. And so, it’s important that you don’t place plants in cool dark basement spaces, as plants can help to feed mold and mildew growth over time.

Ensure air flow

In keeping your basement free of contaminants such as black mold, our Surrey removal company team recommend ensuring optimal airflow throughout the basement space. Make sure that all vents and other airflow elements are clear and free of obstruction and try to avoid having clutter within the basement space that can hide moisture. By opening up space to air flow, you’ll limit the chances of mold being able to grow in small pockets in the basement.

Protect the exterior of the basement

As a trusted Surrey black mold removal company, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners remove black mold in the attic and water from the foundation of their homes. Make sure that water is diverted away from your property and ensure the exterior is probably graded so ice, snow and other forms of moisture aren’t allowed to settle close to the property.

Our experts at Malkin Cleaners are now offering their guidance and services as the best mold removal company across Surrey. To learn more about our team and our work, call us today for a consultation!