Tips for Choosing a Burnaby Water Damage Restoration Services Company

tips for choosing a water damage restoration companyWater damage can have a considerable impact on your home, causing lasting structural damage. Selecting the most qualified company to address the issue can ensure your property is protected for the years ahead. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has several years of experience providing local Burnaby homeowners with skilled water damage restoration services. Below we’re presenting a few tips for choosing a water damage restoration company.

Ask for a quote first

Before you book a company’s services, ensure you have a quoted price for the restoration services. If you don’t receive a quote before booking, you might find that the company’s services are more expensive than you had imagined.

Choose a company with at least a decade of experience

Water damage restoration work can be challenging: it’s critical that you’ve chosen a company that has at least a decade of experience in the industry before beginning work on your home. Find out more about the company’s experience and discuss past projects in detail with their staff. How did they meet the client’s objectives? What are the most common challenges they face?

Discuss the working process

Find out more about how the company will complete the restoration work on your home. Will their restoration process require you to vacate the home for any length of time? How long will the process take and what should you expect in terms of the result? Ensure that you have realistic goals for the working process by getting the details from the company during the selection phase.

Ask to speak with the team leader

Your Burnaby water damage restoration services company will have a team leader in charge of their projects. Ensure that you speak with the team leader in advance of any work in the home. The team leader will be your point person for the project and can address your questions and explore alternative restoration options with you if needed.

Our trusted and experienced team at Malkin Cleaners has completed water damage restoration services work across Burnaby and the surrounding regions. We’re committed to providing you the ideal return for your investment in our professional services and can respond on short notice to work requests. To discover more about our company and the services we offer, please call us today.