Working with a Local Vancouver Restoration Company After a Flood

tips for working with restoration companies

After a flood event occurs in your home, you’re probably under a little stress: your home furniture might be damaged and there is likely still water all over the floor. However, working with a trusted Vancouver restoration company near you can help you overcome the challenges ahead.

Let’s look at a few expert tips for dealing with water damage.

Approach all items with caution

The first thing to remember when cleaning your home after a flood is to be careful. There are many things that can cause major health problems immediately after water damage. For example, you may notice the presence of mold. Be sure not to touch any suspect mold until it has been analyzed by your local Vancouver restoration company. Don’t try to lift furniture if it’s soaked with water. One of the most common ways homeowners are injured after a flood is by attempting to lift water-soaked furniture. If you’re having trouble moving items around your home, be sure to call your restoration company directly to handle this difficult process.

Remove standing water

Standing water should be one of the first items removed during a water damage event. Begin the process by using a Shop-Vac or similar water removal tool to eliminate the excess water from the home. The challenge during this process is that water removal can take several hours, maybe more if you don’t have the right equipment. So, it might be best to contact your local Vancouver water damage restoration team to handle the water issue.

Begin drying the home

The next step, after removing all the water from the home, is to begin the drying process. Start by opening windows and switching on fans to dry the flooring and walls within the home. Try to use a dehumidifier to help speed up the drying process and make sure that items you intend to place back in the home, such as carpets and area rugs, are cleaned and dried before they’re returned to the property.

Turn to Malkin Cleaners for guidance

Here at Malkin Cleaners, we can help answer your questions and make sure that your home is completely safe after a water damage event. To learn more about the steps to take to protect your home, call us directly today.