Tips for Working with Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Companies on Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can occur during the cold weather when the water freezes and causes cracks in the pipe material. Working with qualified Vancouver water damage restoration companies can help limit the potential for frozen pipes. In this latest post, our experienced team highlights the tips for dealing with burst pipes in the home.

First, check the home

Make sure that the burst pipe hasn’t impacted other areas of the property. Check the areas by the foundation of the home for potential flooding and make sure you conduct a full review of the building to ensure that flooding is spotted before it becomes a long-standing problem.

Shut off the water supply

Next shut off the water supply if you notice any flooding. This can help prevent further water entering the property before you have the time to call water damage restoration companies from across Vancouver.

Focus on odor and water removal

The first steps the company will take when they visit the home will be to assess the damage. They will then remove the water from the home and ensure that any lingering odours are managed effectively.

Discuss restoration options

The water damage restoration companies you work with will want to know your goals for the restoration work in the Vancouver home. Is the goal to return the home to its condition immediately before the pipe burst occurred? Or is your goal to maximize the return on investment and to upgrade specific areas of the home for the long-term? Review all the options and their cost before you finalize plans with the restoration company.

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