Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners Explain 3 Expert Tips for Wet Basement Repair

water on basement

A wet basement can be more than just an annoying issue around the home. It can be the cause of significant environmental problems in the home and potential weaken the structural integrity of the building. Homeowners in Vancouver with a wet basement to repair must commit to working with professionals in resolving the problem. In this article, the team at Malkin Cleaners in Vancouver explains three expert tips for wet basement repair.

3 expert tips for wet basement repair

Disconnect the Power to the Area Immediately

The first step homeowners must take when they discover a wet basement issue is to disconnect the power to the area. A wet basement can lead to significant damage to electronics in the area and it’s important to prevent a current being able to travel across the moisture sitting in the basement space. This means the power must be disconnected and items such as laptops, tablets and televisions should be removed to protect them against potential water damage.

Contact an Expert Repair Company as Quickly as Possible

Homeowners don’t have much time to waste in responding to a wet basement issue. Moisture can quickly make it to a property’s home foundation and into wall areas, causing a significant structural problem in the property. This means that fast action is required. Homeowners should contact their local wet basement repair specialist in Vancouverto ensure the home is analyzed carefully and that the entire basement is dried and protected for the years to come. Home basement repair teams can use sensor equipment to find the source of the water intrusion and prevent further water entering the property. They can also harness the latest drying equipment to protect furniture in the area and ensure that the entire structure is completely dry before they leave. This process may take a day or two but it should help remove much of the moisture within the basement space and protect against issues such as mold growth.

  1. Dispose of All Damaged Property Carefully

When completing the basement repair process, it’s important to remove any damaged property from the home carefully. Wet belongings should be checked by the basement repair expert to isolate potential mold growth from the home. Then the homeowner can decide how best to dispose of any belongings that may have come into contact with mold. The repair company should be able to provide a number of safe, environmentally-friendly disposal options

By completing their wet basement repair work safely and in-keeping with the industry standards, property owners can protect their families for years to come. To learn more on this process, contact the team at Malkin Cleaners directly at(604) 970-9052 or visit their business website today via