Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners Identify 3 Safety Issues to Consider During Wet Basement Repair Work

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Homeowners across Vancouver are now considering the home structural challenges ahead of them this coming winter season. Many fail to prepare their home for this challenging period, only to experience significant and expensive damage when the worst of the bad weather arrives. When water enters the home, it can cause a number of issues, but through safe and effect wet basement repair, these issues can be mitigated. The team at Malkin Cleaners has significant experience in wet basement repair projects throughout Vancouver and in this article they highlight three of the leading safety issues homeowners must consider when repairing wet basements in the coming months.


3 Safety Issues to Consider During Wet Basement Repair

1.Structural Safety Problems Due to Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are a common symptom of wet basement issues. These cracks can often permeate the entire foundation of the home and cause the structure of the property to become unsafe. Most homeowners have limited experience in this type of repair work, and so it’s important to work with a local Vancouver wet basement repair specialist to have foundation cracks analyzed before attempting any work.

The repair specialist can identify issues related to structural safety and then provide their guidance on the steps to take going forward. Potential signs of foundation issues include leaning walls, which will be noticeable from the outside of the home, and chipping on the exterior of the home.

2.Electrical Safety Considerations

When a water intrusion event occurs, families are understandably in a rush to get their home cleaned up and back in to optimal livable condition. But it’s important not to rush the cleanup process, especially when area of the water intrusion includes several electrical systems. Most people know that water conducts electricity, and this water that is now throughout the basement space could have changed the flow of electricity within the area, turning household objects into deadly items carrying a live electrical current.

To avoid electrical issues after a flood event occurs, it’s important not to touch or move any products that could carry a current. Leave televisions, computers and other products plugged in and call a specialist. Only qualified wet basement repair teams in Vancouver are qualified to analyze the electrical dangers in the space and remove the products safely.

3.Mold Concerns

Mold can be a dangerous airborne element in any flooded basement space. The mold spores will find their perfect breeding ground on water-soaked flooring and furniture. And these spores can then impact the health of those within the home if the area isn’t professionally cleaned and disinfected. Property owners whose home has suffered significant water damage over an extended period of time must work with their local wet basement repair specialist to analyze the area for mold. This helps protect their family and ensure the area is safe once the water is removed.


It’s a process that should only be taken on by trained and certified experts. To learn more on the dangers inherent within wet basement repair work, speak with the trusted team at Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners directly at (604) 970-9052or visit their business website at