Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners Offer Three Tips for Completing Wet Basement Repair in a Consolidated Timeframe

Water intrusion within a basement space can have a significant impact on families. It can cause mold growth, which then may lead health issues for those living inside the home. Water intrusion can also impact the structure of a property, potentially weakening supporting elements within the home. To ensure the safety of their families, homeowners should ensure that wet basement repair work is completed within a consolidated timeframe. In this article, the market specialists at Malkin Cleaners in Vancouver offer their three tips for ensuring wet basement repair work is completed quickly, and effectively.

  1. Watch for the Signs of Water Intrusion

Water intrusion within the basement space often doesn’t happen over one, two or three days. It takes place over several months, with damage becoming more difficult to repair the longer the problem goes on. It’s why homeowners should learn the signs of water intrusion within their home. Potential signs for a wet basement repair issue in the Vancouver home might include the following: stains on the wall, a musty smell in the basement space, pooling water around appliances in the basement area or dripping pipes.

  2. Call a Professional the Moment a Sign is Spotted

When assessing the home, it’s critical to call a professional the moment that one of the signs of water intrusion is spotted inside the property. The professional will then visit the home directly and conduct a thorough inspection. Their inspection may include ultrasonic testing to determine the scope of the water damage in the home. They may also be able to work with other specialists in the field, such as electricians and plumbers to determine where the problem exists and how to fix the issue with as little potential damage to the home and as little cost to the homeowner in the smallest timeframe.

  3. Create a Plan for Resolving the Issue

It’s important to work carefully and directly with the wet basement repair specialist in protecting the Vancouver home. The specialist will offer their guidance and present a plan for repairing any damage, as well as drying any areas of the home that have already been damaged by moisture. Homeowners can then work directly with the specialist to ensure that furniture and other important elements are removed from the space so the water intrusion specialist can complete their work with efficiency.

By taking action and learning more on the potential signs of water damage in their property, homeowners can secure their home and resolve their water damage issue with the utmost speed and professionalism. To learn more on this process, call the team at Malkin Cleaners directly at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at