Vancouver-based Malkin Cleaners Outline Three Keys to Personal Safety During Water Removal Work

Once a water damage event has been professionally analyzed, it’s time to begin the process of removing the standing water from the property. Vancouver water removal companies can provide local business owners with comprehensive advice on how to maintain their safety during this cleaning process. But it’s important to have foundational safety knowledge to begin the cleaning work. And so within this article, we’ll focus on three keys to personal safety during water removal work.

3 keys to personal safety during water removal work.

1 – Avoid Standing in Water Damaged Areas

As part of their cleaning process, the Vancouver water removal team will likely utilize high powered machinery to remove the water from the property. It’s important that property owners stand away from the pooling water in order to protect themselves from potential electric shocks. To further improve their personal safety during this process, business owners should remove all electrical equipment from the area. It’s important to listen carefully to the instructions of the removal company during this process, as they may have special information regarding hazards on the property.

2 – Leave the Premises if Sagging Occurs

When ceiling sagging occurs as a result of significant water damage, it’s important to leave the premises at the nearest opportunity. If the removal company has yet to arrive at the property, owners must ensure that everyone leaves and makes their way safely to outside areas. This sagging could be a sign that the roof structure is about to come down, potentially causing bricks and other debris to fall into the property. To minimize potential harm during the cleanup process, any roof sagging should be treated with extreme caution. Property owners should also try not to turn on the ceiling lights when the roof area is sagging, as this could potentially lead to an electric shock.

3 – Make Sure All Items are Comprehensively Cleaned

The professional Vancouver water removal company will be able to help clean furniture and other elements within the property that have been exposed to water damage. But the business owner might be responsible for cleaning their clothing items and other personal belongings in the area when a water damage event occurs. It’s imperative that any personal items impacted by the water damage are cleaned as soon possible according to the latest manufacturer guidelines. Products such as clothing and fabric materials should be immediately washed and items such as signage should be reviewed professionally for indications of mold before the water removal company leaves the property.

By taking a safety-first approach to the water removal process, property owners can reduce many of the hazards within the cleanup process. To learn more on how to achieve optimal safety during water removal work, contact our expert team directly at 604-970-9052.