Vancouver Black Mold Removal Company Malkin Cleaners Explains the Mold Removal Process

Black mold can have a bad impact on the health of home residents. Found in areas across the property, this type of mold is particularly dangerous and its removal must be completed by a company with many years’ experience within the Vancouver black mold removal marketplace. To help guide homeowners on the removal process, the mold removal experts at Malkin Cleaners explain their workflow in this latest post.

1. Locate the Source of the Issue

When the mold removal company visit the client’s property, they will first assess the mold issue and review the spread of the mold spores throughout the home. They will use testing equipment to determine where the mold problem exists within the property and then advise the homeowner on their removal options.

  1. Seal Rooms Any rooms impacted by black mold will then be sealed from the rest of the property.  This is to help contain the issue and ensure the spores remain only in the affected area of the home. Sealing the room will also keep residents and their pets safe against mold-related conditions during the completion of the removal work.
  2. Create Negative Pressure
    Once the room has been sealed, the Vancouver black mold removal company will then use large fans to create negative pressure within the room. This process helps further minimize the spread of the mold spores through the air system within the home and keeps the non-affected areas of the property safe.
  3. Remove Mold
    Now the team will get to work on cleaning the property and carefully removing any elements of mold they discover. This may involve removing furniture and other home items that have been impacted by mold. Any items that cannot be cleaned will then be taken out of the home ready for disposal. The mold removal process may take several hours, depending on the extent of the damage within the property.
  4. Clean Space
    The final part of the process will involve the black mold removal company cleaning the Vancouver home ready for use by the family. In cleaning the work area, all tools will be removed from the property and any items that cannot be cleaned will be sealed in plastic bags and then taken away for expert disposal. The team will then invite the homeowner into the area for any questions they might have about the removal work. This is the opportunity for the homeowner to discuss any concerns they might have and any follow-up procedures required.

The black mold removal process requires a comprehensive understanding on mold intrusion and home cleaning. To discover more on this specific work, call the team at Malkin Cleaners at 604-922-0109 or visit their business website at