Vancouver Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Explains How to Minimize Losses During a Flood Event

House flooded

Flood events are common throughout Vancouver. But they don’t have to have a lasting negative impact on a business and its property. By understanding the restoration process and working with leading industry professionals, companies can reduce their commercial property restoration costs and ensure their organization is back supporting their client-base in a consolidated timeframe. In this article, the team at Vancouver flood damage restoration company Malkin Cleaners explains how to minimize losses during a flood event.

How to Minimize Losses During a Flood Event

Contact a Restoration Company Immediately

Vancouver companies should contact a local restoration company immediately when they experience a flood event. That’s because the restoration company’s team is qualified to detail how to protect the various elements within the building from the water intrusion. By contacting the specialist immediately, building owners can help to minimize the amount of water that enters the property and start creating a restoration plan alongside experienced professionals.

Do Not Touch Electrical Equipment

One mistake many property owners make when they encounter a flooding event is they try to turn off the electricity to the property to prevent damaging electrical equipment. But it’s important not to touch any electrical areas before the flood damage specialist arrives. There could be a live current traveling through any equipment in the home that may cause injury. Property owners should try to limit contact with electrical equipment and move away from flooded spaces while they await expert guidance.

Turn off Water to the Area

In most cases, business owners can mitigate losses within their property by preventing more water entering the space through the pipes. If there are washing machines and dishwashers in the flooded space, homeowners can turn off the water to these appliances by flicking the water shut off switch on the body of the equipment or on the hose that connects to the wall. It may also be important to identify the main shut off valve. This valve tends to be located near where water pipes enter the property, and could be found in a kitchen area or lower level bathroom. For those without experience in turning off the main water supply, this process is best left to the professionals.

Isolate Flooded Areas

To prevent damage to business equipment, furniture and other materials, it’s important to move them from the basement space. Items such as small furniture should be moved at this point. Remember to leave any electricity-powered items such as heaters and lamps in place unless the electricity to the space can be safely turned off at the main switch. Moving equipment from the flooded area will also make the Vancouver restoration company’s job easier once they arrive on site.

By taking proactive steps to minimize the damage to their property, business owners can secure their organization for the long-term future after a flood event. To discuss this process with a specialist, contact the team at Malkin Cleaners directly at (604) 970-9052or visit their business website at