Water Damage Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Offer Four Tips for Assessing a New Home Before Purchase

Buying a new home is an exciting proposition but many buyers can make a significant mistake when they’re over eager to buy, and purchase a home with large-scale structural damage. To help buyers reduce their home costs in the future, the team at Water Damage Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners is now offering four tips for assessing a new home before purchase.

  1. Consider the Age of Fittings in the Bathroom and Kitchen

The fittings within bathrooms and kitchen areas are going to be difficult to replace. Homebuyers will have little money to spend in their first months of ownership, and so to save money it’s important to find a property with newer fittings. Systems such as taps and sinks should be in peak condition with few cracks where water can potentially seep onto the floor.

  1. Review Walls and Flooring Areas for Bubbling

Bubbling is one of the clearest signs that a property either has water damage or has certainly experienced water damage in the past. This occurs because of fluid within the structure of the property that has made its way to the interior space. It’s a problem that can be exceptionally expensive to resolve and may mean that home buyers look to other properties for a potential deal.

  1. Analyze the Age of the Water Heater

The water heater within the basement space will be an important part of the home’s infrastructure in the coming months and years. If it’s not working to peak performance or has leaks that cause water to spread across the home, the potential cost can be exceptionally large. Homeowners should work with their local Water Damage Restoration Company to determine the quality of the new home’s water heater and whether the cost to replace an older model is worth the investment.

  1. Look at the Roofing Space Carefully

The roofing space is of immense structural importance to the value of the home. Even small cracks or roof tile buckling can be the reason for an expensive repair that puts the homeowner into debt for the coming years. Buyers should carefully review the property’s roofing areas along with a trusted specialist to determine the potential for leaks. Signs of an issue might be misplaced tiles or tiles that have lifted slightly from the structure of the home.

The trusted specialists at Vancouver water damage restoration company Malkin Cleaners are ready to help all buyers assess potential properties and ensure optimal value for their investment. To learn more about the company and their work, call their office team directly today at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at