Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Featured in Restoration and Remediation Magazine

Expert West Vancouver, BC-based water damage restoration company, Malkin Cleaners has just announced they’ve been featured in the acclaimed Restoration and Remediation magazine. The publication featured an in-depth article on Malkin Cleaners, and their owner Nigel Malkin, and their use of thermal imaging cameras to detect water damage issues and to identify water leak locations within properties.

Within the water removal marketplace, companies must harness a wide range of tools to ensure that their leak detection work is completed quickly and comprehensively. Without access to the leading market tools, specialists are unable to see underneath flooring and within wall areas to identify potential structural damage within properties. This means they require products such as thermal imaging cameras to quickly spot water damage and prevent water intrusion from causing more extensive problems within the building. Malkin Cleaners continues to be a leader within this field.

The Restoration and Remediation magazine spotlight allowed Malkin Cleaners’ owner Nigel Malkin to highlight the multiple advantages that thermal imaging cameras can bring to the company’s work.

“The biggest benefit is being able to show a homeowner where the moisture is so we can come up with a drying plan,” said Malkin.

Within the article, Malkin also discussed the affordability of smart-phone integrated thermal cameras, which can provide water damage specialists with an introduction to the technology for their most challenging restoration projects. To learn more on the work of Malkin Cleaners, please contact the Vancouver water damage restoration company’soffices directly via 604-970-9052 or visit their business website today at