Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Highlights 3 Signs of an Impending Water Damage Problem

Business owners that act quickly can prevent prolonged operations downtime due to water damage. It is imperative tobe proactive when a water damage problem is suspected on the premises. If not mitigated in a short amount of time, significant structural damage can occur. But how can busy business owners recognize the signs that their property could be at risk? Within this article, the team at water damage restoration company Malkin Cleaners highlights three signs of an impending water damage problem.

3 signs of an impending water damage problem.

1 – Paint or Flooring Damage

Business owners may first notice that the paint on their building’s walls is bubbling, flaking or peeling in one specific area. This could be a sign that there’s a pipe leak behind the wall causing moisture to build-up behind the structure. This type of water damage can also impact the flooring, which might appear raised in some areas due to the water buildup underneath the flooring tiles or baseboards. It’s a clear sign that the services of a Vancouver water damage restoration company are required quickly in order to analyze the potential danger.

2 – Exterior Building Cracks

The exterior of a property can provide tell-tale signs about the changes taking place underneath and within the building structure. Business owners might notice there are visible cracks on the exterior walls of their property. Or they may notice that there are significant cracks appearing on the walls within their property. These cracks are a leading indication that water damage has already begun and that it’s important to work with a Vancouver water damage restoration company as soon as possible to reduce the extent and the cost of any future repair work.

3 – Standing Water in Kitchen and Bathroom

For those with kitchen and bathroom areas within their business property it’s important to check the flooring in these areas for standing water. This could be a leading indication of a leak issue. Oftentimes, this means that water has already leaked all the way through walls and flooring from pipe areas and therefore the extent of the damage may already be quite severe. This standing water could cause a significant health risk to those visiting the business and those working inside and so it’s important the problem is dealt with by a professional as quickly as possible. Professionals will use the latest equipment to test the standing water and then to remove the water from the business premises as part of their restoration work.

Proactive business owners can reduce their water damage restoration costs by recognizing the signs of an impending problem. Contact the team at Malkin Cleaners today via 604-970-9052 to learn more on the signs of water damage within a business property.