Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Offer Five Signs That You Need New Gutters

The guttering surrounding a home helps protect the home structure from the flow of water within the area. It’s an essential piece of home equipment that prevents significant damage to the property. Even a minor guttering issue can have long-term consequences for the security of the home. And so within this article, the trusted specialists at Vancouver water damage restoration company Malkin Cleaners offer their five signs that your home requires new gutters.

 1. Rust

Rust from weathering is usually one of the first signs that a home requires new guttering. This rust may lead to holes and cracks within the gutters, which will then lead to leaks around the home. It’s part of the reason so many homeowners are now choosing aluminum gutters that won’t rust.

 2. Water Damage on the Home

Water damaged areas on the exterior of the property are a sure-fire sign there’s a problem with the home’s gutters. The water that’s running down the side of the home will often leave trace amounts of moisture on the bricks or siding, highlighting a clear issue with the gutter areas.

 3. Sagging

Gutters that are sagging are unlikely to be able to handle additional water flow in the coming months. This issue often occurs when an area experiences a significant downfall in a short space of time, damaging the gutter areas and limiting the value of the gutter. Sagging is a sign that the gutter is not draining properly and will require expert repair in the near future.

 4. Cracks in the Guttering

Cracks within the structure of the guttering area can appear quickly with little warning. However, most homeowners will only be able to see these cracks from their roof space. This means they must use a ladder to view the guttering from the top of their home, and determine whether there are cracks and openings at joints within the gutter. Oftentimes, hiring a water damage restoration company is the safest and most cost-efficient way for Vancouver property owners to repair their gutter areas.

 5. Basement Flooding

When a home begins to experience basement flooding, the guttering problem has already begun to damage the structure of the property. This means it’s now time for the Vancouver homeowner to call their local restoration company for a resolution to the problem. The restoration company can analyze the home structure and then determine the best way to protect the property while removing the water from the basement space.

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