Vancouver Wet Basement Repair Specialists Malkin Cleaners Answer 3 Basement Waterproofing Questions

The fall season has now officially taken hold across Canada and homeowners in Vancouver are now discovering they have a number of wet basement issues to repair. To avoid problems related to leaks in the basement space, homeowners must commit to waterproofing their property. And in this article the team at Malkin Cleaners explains their answers to three basement waterproofing questions.

3 Basement Waterproofing Questions

  1. What Can I Do If I don’t Have Money to Spend on Comprehensive Waterproofing?

Waterproofing a basement space doesn’t have to be a complex process, but it is a long-term commitment that homeowners must make to protect their property for the years to come. For those with a limited amount of resources, it’s important to clean guttering around the home to limit the blockages that can lead to basement leaks. Homeowners should also consider extending their downspouts so that water travels far away from their property in order to protect their home structure. These small processes can make lasting differences to the safety of the home and can often be completed at a low cost. But it’s important to speak with a local Vancouver wet basement repair expert to ensure any maintenance work is completed to professional standards.

  1. What Role does the Soil Around the Home Play in the Waterproofing Process?

Most professional waterproofing work actually begins outside the home. Property owners can help waterproof their basement space by ensuring the soil within the exterior of their property is sloping away from the home. The soil should slope downward six inches over the first four feet from the foundation wall. Further away from the property, the slope can be more gradual. This style of soil design helps ensure water rests away from the basement area and protects the structure of the home. It’s also important that homeowners avoid landscaping that holds soil close to the structure of the home. The goal is to prevent moisture from settling within that four foot barrier to the property.

  1. How Can I Select a Wet Basement Repair Specialist?

In completing any waterproofing work around the home, it’s first important to ensure that there are no signs of water damage already. That’s because homeowners may discover the water issue at a later date, when the extent of the damage will be far worse. Vancouver homeowners should select a wet basement repair company that has experience in the local area as well as experience in various elements of the repair process. Companies that have a decade of more experience to their brand name are best positioned to help resolve waterproofing and repair issues in particularly challenging environments.

By reviewing the latest information on the home waterproofing process, property owners across Vancouver can protect their home for the coming years. To discover more on this subject, contact the team at Malkin Cleaners directly at (604) 970-9052or visit their business website at