Water Damage in North Vancouver Can Bring Long-Term Complications!

Emergency water damage restoration in north vancouverIf you ever suffer a major flooding disaster in your North Vancouver home or business, it’s important that you contact emergency water damage restoration specialists ASAP.  Flooding damage goes well beyond things merely being wet, and the damage will only continue to grow over time.

Major flooding cleanup isn’t something a person can handle by themselves.  They genuinely need emergency water damage restoration  in North Vancouver to minimize the long-term harm that’s done.

Four Complications That Come from Emergency Water Damage in North Vancouver

  1. Foundation damage

When a flooding event happens, one of the biggest concerns is whether the foundations of your building were damaged in the process.  Flood water can easily make its way into cracks in the foundation, encouraging their growth.  Worse, in cold weather, that water can freeze and quickly ruin the foundation.

Specialists can help determine if the foundation was damaged, and what corrective measures can be taken.

  1. Mold and mildew

A recently-flooded home is a perfect breeding ground for molds and mildew, including varieties like black mold which are extremely toxic to humans and pets.  This is the #1 ongoing health hazard that results from a major flood.  If the water isn’t thoroughly cleaned up and dried out, your building could become completely uninhabitable.

This is one of the main reasons why trying to DIY flood cleanup is a bad idea.  You need specialized equipment capable of identifying and removing all the water.

  1. Electrical problems

Simply put, anything electrical which got touched by the water should be considered suspect.  Devices and appliances may be damaged, wall sockets may not work correctly, and there could even be issues at the fuse box.  In the aftermath of a flood, you should avoid using electrical devices until the water has been removed, and an electrician has investigated any potentially-affected items.

In a worst-case scenario, standing flood water could potentially even be electrified and dangerous to touch.

  1. Bio/chemical contamination

Unless you know for certain the source of the flood came from a clean water pipe in your own building, you cannot know what else flood water has brought with it.  Floodwater often contains sewage, animal droppings, chemical runoff from nearby industry, or any other manner of dangerous contaminants.

Left alone, there’s no telling how they could affect your health.

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