Our Water Damage Restoration Company Experts Highlight the Signs of Leaks in the Home

Leaks throughout your property can cause extensive damage. Thy can alter the structure of your home and can potentially lead to mold, which can impact the health of your family. To help mitigate the long-term impact of flooding on your property, it’s important that you and your family learn the signs of leaks, to ensure leaks can be resolved promptly. Here, our water damage restoration company team review several of the most common signs of leaks.

Damaged Wallpaper

Blistering paint and wallpaper is a clear sign that you have a leak somewhere within your home. This often occurs within the bathroom space when water and other forms of moisture can leak between the pipes and the interior of walls to cause the paint to rise.

Ceiling Stains

Sometimes, you might first notice ceiling stains when you encounter a leak. The water could be leaking underneath the bathroom space, from a sink or toilet, and this can be highlighted through a dark patch on the ceiling space. It’s important that any ceiling stains are identified quickly and then monitored, as water can begin to enter the home through the ceiling, a short time after the stain forms.

Smell of Accumulated Water

Over several weeks and months, if water is allowed to sit within your home it will develop a musty smell which can then take over the entire property. If you’ve tried everything to remove the potential source of a smell, but can’t locate the problem, it could be down to a leak. By calling your local water damage restoration company you can learn more on the potential source for the odour and make sure a specialist visits the home to resolve the problem.

Rising Water Bills

One of the first signs many homeowners experience of a water damage issue in their home is a rising water bill. You might find that your bills are rising by hundreds of dollars over a period of a few months. This is a clear indication you have a leak somewhere in your property that must be addressed. Work with your local water damage restoration company to examine the reasons behind the rising costs and then you can determine the best way to fix the leak for the long-term.

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