Water Damage Restoration Company Malkin Cleaners Highlights 4 Vancouver Spring Home Maintenance Tips

It’s the beginning of the spring season and many local Vancouver property owners are now discovering that their home might not be as sturdy as they first thought. With the increasing amount of rain at this time of the year, homes can develop leaks that impact the entire property and may cause a structural issue over time. It’s important to work with water damage experts to mitigate these issues and to protect the home for the years to come. In this article, the team at Vancouver water damage restoration company Malkin Cleaners highlights 5 spring home maintenance tips.

1. Examine Roof Shingles

Rain water can quickly make its way inside the home if there is damage to roof shingles. Shingles that are cracked or loose will be need to be replaced to ensure the structure of the roof is safe. If they’re able to get to the roof, homeowners should check the area for signs of damage. Roofing specialists should be called at the earliest opportunity if there is clear structural damage.

2. Check the Washing Machine Hose

Washing machines are leading causes of leaks within the average Canadian home. The water may be leaking through the hose, which is placed on the floor and could lead to significant water damage throughout the property. Check the machine hose for small leaks by turning the washing machine on and watching for drips. Replace any hoses that leak even a small amount of water as part of the spring maintenance process.

3. Check Seals Around Doors and Windows

The seals around doors and windows within the home can often become dislodged, either due to the elements or due to constant use. Over time, this can allow moisture to enter the property as a result of winds and driving rain. Property owners may only notice the issue when it’s too late and there is large amount of water in the home. By checking the seals now, they can mitigate this problem and ensure any small cracks are repaired.

4. Clean Guttering

A home’s guttering pushes water away from the property and toward outside drainage systems. But most homeowners don’t check their gutter spaces more than once every few years. It’s important to be proactive in analyzing guttering spaces this spring season. Review the area and remove any sticks, leaves and other forms of debris to allow optimal water flow around the home. By doing so, property owners can protect their property against encroaching water outside.

An effective spring maintenance schedule can help homeowners reduce their water damage issues in 2022. To learn more on spring maintenance, speak with the team at Vancouver restoration company Malkin Cleaners today at (604) 970-9052 or visit their business website at