Water Removal Emergency Tips from Surrey’s Local Experts

water removal emergency tips

When your property suffers water damage, quick thinking during the water removal process can help protect your property against and minimize water damage. By following the latest tips from our emergency water removal team near Surrey, you can reduce the potential damage to your home. Let’s review the newest tips from our experts.

Learn how to turn off the water supply

Turning off the water supply should be one of the first actions you take in an emergency. If you know where the water supply is located and how to turn off the water, you will have a better chance of protecting your home when you experience a water damage event. The water shut off valve is often located directly outside of your home and connected to home piping.

Discover how to drain your pipes

Draining your pipes will also be crucial in the event of a water emergency. You’ll need to know how to open the drain valves in order to evacuate the water from your pipes. Drain valves are usually located downstream of the shut-off valve. When draining the pipe, be sure to bring a bucket with you, as excess water will flow straight down. You should also open all taps when draining the pipes in your home.

Ensure you have an emergency water supply

If you’re going to be shutting off the water during an emergency, ensure you have a supply of fresh water ready for the event. As one of the leading local emergency water removal companies near Surrey, we often find homeowners don’t have a water supply on hand to protect their loved ones. This means they’re left going to their friends and family’s houses when they require water in an emergency. It’s recommended that you have at least three day’s supply of fresh water stored within your home. Store a minimum of one gallon of water per person, per day to ensure you’re safe.

Work with Malkin Cleaners for emergency water removal near Surrey

Our experienced water damage restoration professionals can help guide the water removal process in your home. We have helped hundreds of homeowners safeguard their properties and can begin the work immediately. To learn more about our emergency water removal services, call us today.