What Are the Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Surrey?

If your Surrey home has been damaged by water, there are expert water damage restoration companies near you who can help with repairs.  However, the best way of dealing with water damage is to avoid it!  Knowing how water can make its way into your home is a great way to stop it from happening, or at least to prevent small leaks from turning into major problems.

Here’s what to watch out for in Surrey homes, to prevent water damage.

The Most Common Causes of Water Damage in The Vancouver Area

  1. Broken appliances

As a matter of fact, the #1 cause of home flooding and water damage is washing machines!  Both dishwashers and clothes washers utilize large amounts of water and tend to have large water hookups to the main line.  Any damage to these appliances can quickly turn into a home flooding emergency.

Tank-based water heaters are another common cause, for obvious reasons.

Keep an eye on these appliances, and immediately fix any small leaks.  Those small leaks could turn into a flood very easily.

  1. Building leaks

How are the seals around your doors and windows?  When was your roof last inspected and repaired?  These are some of the most common ways outside water, such as from storms, can make its way into your home.

The insidious part of building leaks is that often you can’t see them, or they may leak into the walls or other inaccessible areas.  Be aware if you ever see standing water, damp patches, or mold growth somewhere it shouldn’t be.  That’s a big red flag that there’s a leak nearby.

  1. Leaky pipes

This is an obvious source of water damage in Surrey, but still worth mentioning.  Even small pipe leaks can create major damage, if they aren’t repaired.  Or, large pipe bursts can easily flood a basement or ground floor.  Treat any pipe leak seriously and have it fixed as quickly as you can.

  1. Humidity and condensation

Finally, don’t forget about the possibility of condensation creating water damage.  This can be best avoided by periodically checking on your exhaust fans, such as in the kitchen and bathrooms, to ensure they’re working properly.  Also, keep an eye on your windows, and consider new caulking or other solutions if they tend to “sweat.”

Along the same lines, skylights are terrible about letting water in.  They have a high tendency to invite condensation, and the joint where they meet the roof is always prone to leaks.

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