Why Fire Events Require Water Damage Restoration Work in the Surrey Home

Our team at Malkin Cleaners has many years of experience in the water damage restoration marketplace in Surrey and we often find that homeowners don’t always make the connection between a fire event and restoration work. In this post, we’ll delve further into the subject with a guide to water damage restoration steps that take place after a fire in your Surrey property.

Cleaning standing water not a priority in a fire

In most cases, those dealing with a fire are primarily tasked with putting the fire out and are not responsible for the water left behind. Cleaning the standing water is a task for restoration teams.

Contaminated water remains in the home

Water can be contaminated by the soot and the smoke from the fire. This contamination makes the settled water dangerous to the home environment and could be considered a health risk. Professionals must harness the right safety equipment in dealing with the contaminated water that is left around the home.

Important to use a professional restoration company

The restoration company you choose should be a firm with decades of experience in the marketplace and a company with a clear understanding of the task ahead. Many make the mistake of choosing the first company they interact with, which can lead to multiple mistakes being made during the restoration process. Refer to their reviews and testimonials and relationships with insurance companies

Take the time to consult with Malkin Cleaners

Our experienced team at Malkin Cleaners are experts in the water damage restoration process for the Surrey home. We’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome water intrusion issues because of a past fire event and can remove all standing water from the home while returning the property to peak condition. If you’ve suffered a fire event recently, it’s important you call our team for guidance.

To discover more about the services offered by Malkin Cleaners and our trusted experts, please call our offices today.