The Basics of Water Damage Restoration

The studies show that the longer water sits within the home space the longer the removal and restoration process will take for water damaged homes. The most important action you can take if you encounter a water damage event is to call a Vancouver water damage restoration service provider immediately. The team at Malkin Cleaners have experience in this industry, and in this latest post we explain the basics of water damage restoration work.


The first step in the restoration process is the assessment. The team will look at the property and the extent of the damage, and then determine how best to move forward.

Property Removal

The team will then remove any water-soaked or damaged property out of the area. The property is taken to a secure area where it is photographed, catalogued, and then cleaned.

Water Removal

Next in the water damage restoration process, all the water is removed from the home. Experts will use leading-class equipment to dry wood, metal, and stone to keep the water from damaging the structure of the property.

Structural Drying

If structural drying is required within the home, this process will take place after the water is removed. Water damage restoration companies in Vancouver use specialized drying equipment to minimize the seepage of liquid into the foundations of the home. High speed evaporation systems will be used to make sure moisture is completed removed.

Ultra-Sonic Moisture Detection

Some forms of moisture are not always visible to the naked eye and so companies will finalize the restoration process by completing ultra-sonic moisture detection.

Repair of damage to the building

Damage from water seepage or ingress  into the wall or flooring or the necessity to gain access to water seepage in these areas will require a construction team to repair and restore the building. Equally, the cause of the water damage will be attended to by a skilled technician.

Property Introduced Back to the Home

After all forms of moisture have been removed, and the home has been completely dried, the homeowner’s property is then re-introduced to the home.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners is here to guide you in managing your Vancouver home water damage restoration needs. To learn more, call us today!