Why It’s Best to Leave Emergency Water Damage Repair in Vancouver to the Professionals

While it’s not something we all think about, unfortunate things can happen to your home. Your home has experienced a burst pipe or been caught in a major storm, and you’re suffering from flood damage.  Is this the time to tighten your belt, pull on some gloves, and try to repair the damage yourself?

Honestly, no.  Emergency water damage repair in Vancouver is a lot more difficult – and a lot more hazardous – than most homeowners realize.  Unless the flooding was minor and easily-contained, this is a case where you really are best off calling in professional emergency flood restoration specialists.

Our team at Malkin Restoration  outlines some reasons you should avoid a DIY fix or repair.

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Attempt Flood Repair on Your Own

1 – You don’t know what’s in that water.

There are plenty of ways a home can become flooded with water that contains toxins, particularly if the flood came from a weather-related event or -especially- from a burst sewer line.  If it’s from a sewer line, so much as touching the water could cause you to become sick!  Even if the flooding comes from a theoretically-safe inbound water pipe, it’s hard to know what else may have gotten mixed into the water during the flooding.

When we do flood cleanup, we’re often doing it in hazmat suits.  There’s a reason for that.

2 – You lack the proper tools.

Major water cleanup requires some heavy-duty pumps, de-humidifiers and hoses that very few people are going to have lying around in their garden shed.  Sure, in some cases it might be possible to make do with something like a sump pump, or bilge pump, but you’d end up spending a lot of time and energy doing the job with insufficient tools when much more efficient options are available.

3 – Incomplete cleanup can lead to big problems later.

In many ways, the worst of the damage from flooding can occur weeks or months after the event – if it’s not cleaned up thoroughly, that is.  If parts of your basement, or your walls, or other areas of your home remain saturated, they’ll become a haven for extremely dangerous molds and mildews.  Something like a black mold infestation can render a house uninhabitable while being very hard to clean up.

Trust Malkin Restoration

It’s just not worth the risk.  Saving a few dollars on cleanup early on could lead to vastly worse problems later.  Instead, contact Malkin Restoration for emergency water damage repair in Vancouver.  We have nearly a century’s experience at cleanup!