Causes & Solutions of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Hardwood flooring can provide you with exceptional beauty when compared with other building materials. Unfortunately, it can succumb to water damage more easily as well, which is why it pays to have a Vancouver water damage restoration service on call. Determining the causes of water damage to your hardwoods is also important, which is why the professionals from Malkin Cleaners have collected some tips for you here.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of some of the most common causes of hardwood floor water damage, as well as some time-tested remedies for preventing and fixing it.

Common Causes of Hardwood Water Damage

There is a wide range of situations that often call for the need of a water damage restoration service, some of the most common include a leaky roof spilling onto the floor, plumbing leaks behind the walls or underneath the floor, and excessive humidity. In these scenarios, hardwood flooring will often bend and warp, making it easy to identify such issues.

Other factors that can cause less extensive damage include tracking rain, snow, or swimming pool water into your home, as well as dog drool and splashes from pet water bowls.

Protecting Your Hardwoods from Spills & Humidity

Of course, you can’t really predict plumbing emergencies, but there are ways to prevent other types of damage to your hardwoods. Prevent damage from spills by placing absorbent mats in entryways, in front of the sink, and any other areas where water is an issue. Those with pets might consider keeping the food and water on a doggie mat in a designated area. Another way to avoid emergencies and humidity is to use a humidifier and regularly inspect your property’s plumbing system.

Water Damage Solutions in Vancouver

When it comes to water damage, enlisting the help of a restoration service is one of the best ways to restore your Vancouver property and minimize damage. Easier damage, like warped boards and water stains, may be able to be fixed on your own. However, more major damage will require the expertise of a remediation team like Malkin Cleaners.

Let Us Help Restore Your Property!

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