What to Look for When Choosing a Burnaby Water Damage Restoration Company

Flooding events and other unexpected water damage can occur at almost any time – and often at the worst times.  If you own a home, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand and pick out a local Burnaby water damage restoration company to call, should you ever need them.  You don’t want to be stuck looking up companies on Google while your basement is flooding!

Hopefully, you’ll never need to make that call, but it’s a cheap and easy insurance policy.  Here are some of the most important factors to look for.

Five Must-Haves When Looking for A Burnaby Water Damage Restoration Company

  1. Licensing and insurance

In most areas, including greater Vancouver, home restoration companies must be appropriately licensed to operate.  Also, they should be carrying insurance to protect themselves – and you – from any damage or injury.  Any reputable restoration company will be happy to provide all relevant documentation proving they’re fully compliant.

  1. Strong online reviews

People aren’t shy about posting reviews about any sort of home contractors, so you can learn a lot just by browsing the reviews on a few websites.  That will quickly give you an idea of which groups will give you good service, and good results.

  1. Proximity

If you have a water damage emergency, every minute that passes is more damage being done to your property and your home.  So, you want to have a damage cleanup company who can respond quickly if there’s a problem – the closer they are to you, the better.

  1. Detailed pre-planning and estimates

Even in a crisis, your water damage cleanup crew should still take things slowly enough to create a firm plan of action before actually beginning the work.  Pre-planning will ensure the job goes smoothly, without any big surprises.  Along with this, they should also be able to provide a detailed estimate including their overall plan.

  1. Insurance claim experience

Finally – and this is something people can easily overlook – you want a restoration company that can help you file your insurance claims.  A good one can assist with the paperwork but could also potentially provide objective expert testimony if there’s any sort of dispute between you and your insurance company.

For nearly a century, Malkin Cleaners has provided top-quality water damage restoration services to Burnaby, Vancouver, and the surrounding area.  If you have a flooding emergency, call us ASAP for cleanup.