How to Ensure the Best Possible Water Damage Restoration in Burnaby

Malkin Cleaners has built its nearly century-long reputation as a top water damage restoration company in Burnaby by delivering quality service time after time, year after year.  No matter the condition of the property or the items in it, Malkin Cleaners will always do their utmost to preserve what’s there while ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Water Damage Restoration Companies Burnby

However, water damage restoration is very much a team effort.  An effective first response is necessary to minimize damage, and maximize the chances of being able to keep most of your property intact.

The Plan of Action for Water Damage Restoration in Burnaby

Do not wait!

Even minor water intrusion can cause long-lasting damage to a property and the items in it.  No matter what time of day or night you notice a leak, broken pipe, or other source of water in your building, the only time to act is immediately. A delay will only increase the damage and the resulting repair bill.

Stop the source of the water flow.

Water damage restoration can only begin once the water has stopped flowing.  Until then, halting the water is the top priority.  Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to call in a plumber to fix the source of the trouble, or even call in the city to shut down your water main entirely until the trouble can be sorted out.

Call in one of the top water damage restoration companies in Burnaby.

No other companies in Burnaby offer the same level of experience and trustworthiness for water damage restoration work as Malkin Cleaners.  However, as with stopping the water, fast action is a necessity.  The longer water-soaked furniture, walls, and other items are allowed to go untreated, the more chance they’ll become unrecoverable.  It also increases the chances of dangerous black mold infesting your property.

Malkin Cleaners will:

  • Survey the property with the latest water-detection technology to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Work with you to create a plan of action, prioritizing your most important possessions.
  • Utilize high-tech drying and cleansing methods to remove residual water and any contaminants.
  • Work with your insurance company to ensure proper filing and the most possible reimbursement on cleanup costs.

There are other water damage restoration companies in Burnaby, but none that can match Malkin.  If you’re facing a water emergency, contact Malkin Cleaners today, available 24/7.