Even Kitchen Sink Leaks Can Necessitate Water Damage Repair

With nearly a century of water damage repair experience, we’ve really seen it all, including situations where our services could have been avoided – such as overlooked or ignored leaky sinks.  People tend to think that a minor pipe leak is no big deal and might delay having it fixed.  Or, they might not even notice the leak because it’s happening within a cabinet.

Either way, minor pipe leaks can actually turn into big problems, if they go on for too long.

Four Big Problems You Could See If You Ignore A Leaky Sink

  1. Rotted wood

If the floors beneath the sink are made of wood, they will quickly begin to rot once they become saturated. This is because microscopic fungus is everywhere and will almost immediately start to set up shop in a soaked piece of wood.  Then it starts treating the wood as an all-you-can-eat buffet, quickly ruining the integrity of the floor.

The same is true of wood cabinetry, even if the floors aren’t vulnerable.  Either way, the replacement and repair bill would be considerable.

  1. Broken or warped tiles

Water is also extremely bad for any sort of floor tile, such as vinyl tiles or linoleum.  Once saturated, the glue holding them down will start to degrade, and they become extremely vulnerable to warping or other damage.  This isn’t as difficult or expensive to repair, but it’s still a job that could be entirely avoided.

  1. Downstairs damage

Another major risk from a leaky faucet going unnoticed is that the water damage could make it past the level of the floor. If there are any gaps in the flooring, or along the edge of the wall, the water can start to seep downward.  It could get into the walls, or even start to drip onto the floors below.  Anything the water touches, of course, becomes damaged quickly.

  1. Mold outbreaks

Mold loves dark, damp spots with poor airflow – just like the area under a sink.  This is the biggest risk of all if a leaky sink isn’t fixed. Mold could start to grow, then quickly spread around the area.  This can do extensive damage, and toxic molds can even cause dangerous allergic reactions in people or pets.

Let Our Malkin Cleaners Team Help You

If you see a leaky sink, fix it immediately. It’s also a good idea to periodically check for leaks. Then contact Malkin Cleaners for experienced and affordable water damage repair.