Has A Storm Damaged Your Home? Here’s What to Do!

No one wants to come home to discover that a storm has seriously damaged their home, but this is something many people will experience at least once in their lives.  It’s important to know what to do if this occurs!  Following the right course of action, like calling a restoration company near you in Surrey, will minimize the potential mold and water damage done to your home, while maximizing your ability to get reimbursement for the damages.

Broadly speaking, there are five steps you should follow if you ever find that your home has been damaged by a serious storm.

Five Things to Do If You’ve Suffered Serious Home Damage in Surrey

  1. Be safe

Depending on the situation, you may not want to rush into your home – even if it’s what you want to do.  For example, if there’s standing water but the power is still on, there’s a chance the water is electrified.

If you have access to the hookups, it’s a good idea to shut off utilities to your home as soon as possible.  In particular, try to disable your power and gas lines, if you can.

  1. Call a Surrey restoration company

There are water damage restoration companies in Surrey who specialize in helping repair homes after storm-related disasters.  This should be one of your first calls.  It expedites the cleanup process but also ensures you have an independent third party documenting the damage.

  1. Call your home insurance company

You want to get your insurance company involved as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more chance they’ll look for excuses to dodge paying your claims.  They’ll want to schedule a visit from an insurance adjuster to look over the damage, and they may also want to consult with your water damage restoration company.

  1. Document the damage

You don’t want to entirely rely on third parties to document the damage done.  Insofar as it is safe, you should start immediately creating photographic and video evidence of all the damage done.  This will help your insurance claim!  Be sure to back up these materials, since you could be asked to produce them at a later date.

  1. Look for aid

There are numerous groups in Canada, such as the Canadian Red Cross, who will be able to provide aid – particularly if you’ve been rendered homeless by the storm.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  It may be a few days, even weeks before your home is habitable again.

Call Malkin For Reliable Water Damage Restoration in Surrey!

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