Important Tips for Reducing Your Chances of Water Damage

While not all water damage is preventable, there are some instances where it can be prevented. As a top water damage restoration company in Vancouver, we spend a lot of time dealing with flooding emergencies such as those caused by the weather.  However, many of our calls are also for jobs that were fundamentally preventable.  It’s not possible to fully prevent all water damage, but there are definitely things you can do to make flooding less likely.

Five Ways to Prevent Needless Water Damage

  1. Remember to check for hidden leaks

There are a lot of appliances in your home, such as your dishwasher and clothes washer, which have hoses or pipes which are out of direct sight. It’s easy to forget they’re there, but that’s a bad idea.  You should periodically look behind or under such appliances, just to make sure there isn’t a leak which has gone unnoticed.

  1. Occasionally test your water main valve

When is the last time you’ve checked to see if the primary shutoff valve on your water main is working properly?  Should you ever have a major pipe burst, you will want to shut it off immediately to limit the damage done – but if it’s stuck, or otherwise broken, you won’t have that option.

  1. Take precautions in the winter

Always remember to winterize your pipes in the winter, particularly those which are exposed to the outdoor air.  The best method, if possible, is to directly expose them to heat.  If that isn’t an option, then deliberately turn them on slightly so that there’s a constant stream of water.  You don’t want those pipes freezing, because otherwise there’s a very high likelihood that they’ll burst – causing a flood as soon as they thaw.

  1. Regularly clean your roof gutters, particularly in spring and fall

Clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons for water damage to a roof and upper floors.  The clog allows water to stand on the roof, giving it time to seep through and cause damage below.  Regular gutter cleanings prevent this.

  1. Watch your water bill

Finally, we suggest tracking your water usage from month to month.  If you ever see a spike in usage, and can’t think of a reason, that’s a big red flag that you have a leak somewhere.

Get the Restoration Services You Need

If you’ve experienced water damage, don’t wait – the damage will only get worse over time.  Instead, contact our team at Malkin Cleaners, a top Vancouver water damage restoration company!