How to Keep Safe when Working with Surrey Water Damage Restoration Companies

Safety is a priority during water damage events. If you experience water damage in your home or business, you might not know whether items within the property and the property structure have been affected by the event. It’s important you play a proactive role in ensuring water damage safety within the property. To help guide you in ensuring safety when working with Surrey water damage restoration companies, we’ll offer our quick guide in this latest post.

  1. Call Water Damage Companies Early

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of those inside the property is to begin calling Surrey water damage restoration companies at the earliest time after the damage takes place. This will ensure that company experts can be on site quickly in response to water damage issues such as mold and structural damage. This will also help safeguard the property against extensive damage over the long-term.

  1. Don’t Touch Electrical Equipment

A leading cause of injury during water damage events is electrical equipment. Equipment such as computers and microwaves can remain connected to the wall plug throughout the night, and this might mean that any water within the area is now live with electricity as the liquid passes through the electronics and settles on floor areas. Ensure that everyone inside the property stays away from plugged in electronics. Even smaller products such as tablets, cell phones, and laptops could pose an electrical hazard if they’ve been left plugged-in during a water damage event.

  1. Leave the Property

While you might want to take valuables with you, you should leave your property as soon as possible after flooding or a water damage event takes place. Make sure that all other residents are outside the building ready for the water damage restoration company to arrive. Remember to stay warm and hydrated and ensure that everyone inside the property is accounted for during this process.

  1. Guide Specialists on Damage

Once you’ve selected from among the water damage restoration companies  throughout Surrey, and their team arrives on site, guide them on the source of the water damage issue. They’ll likely want to know more on the exact location of the problem and any valuables that are important to save during their restoration work.

By understanding more on how to work effectively with water damage restoration companies in safeguarding your Surrey  property, you can streamline the entire process. Our team at Malkin Cleaners can present further information to you directly. Call today to learn more at 604-922-0109.