Why Malkin Cleaners is the Leading Local Richmond Water Damage Restoration Company

In choosing a water damage restoration company to maintain your Richmond home or work environment, you have many options. But it’s important to work with a specialist that understands the maintenance challenges and can respond adeptly to all issues within the property. Our experts at Malkin Cleaners are leaders in this area of the marketplace and in this latest post we’ll explain why so many are now contracting the Richmond team as their water damage restoration company.


We have several decades of experience in the restoration marketplace. This means we’ve encountered all possible water damage restoration challenges within Richmond properties and our company experts can work to meet all issues with the utmost professionalism. Because we’ve been involved in the industry for so long, we have also been able to make connections with insurance firms and others in the industry to help streamline water damage restoration projects.

Affordable Pricing

At Malkin Cleaners, we understand the budget constraints of homeowners across the marketplace should insurance coverage not be available. This means we can respond adeptly to all cost considerations. We can help ensure that all restoration work is completed according to your unique budget.

Team Capacity

We have one of the largest and best-equipped teams of any company within the Richmond water damage restoration field, and our capacity is unmatched. We can respond to all projects with a team of professionals ready to complete even the most complex water damage restoration tasks with the highest levels of professionalism.

Emergency Services

We offer clients our 24-hour emergency services throughout Richmond and the lower mainland. This ensures that regardless of the time of day, our team can be immediately routed to the building to respond to a water intrusion issues.  This commitment to emergency services has helped save millions of dollars for our clientele and ensured their families are protected against the dangers associated with water damage repair events in the home.

Our experts at Malkin Cleaners are here to offer professional water damage removal services according to the market’s highest standards. Get a quote from the company today to learn more!